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You can never have enough information in your quest for success so in addition to consulting, coaching, training and mentoring, we recommend that you continually read, listen to educational tapes or CDs and attend seminars and networking groups.

As your time is valuable we have recommended a couple of books packed with great information or ideas.
A great little guide that covers the basics of every situation common to businesses from business structures to supply agreements, leasing and minimising legal risks.

This is a small book packed with lots of valuable information written in plain English.  Every business should have one of these in easy reach before agreeing to anything.

Available at:
Small Business & the Law
Peter Townsend
Purple Cow
Free Prize Inside

Seth Godin
Two marketing/branding books to set you on the road to success.
Ideas on being different, standing out from the crowd and making an impact on your market -  how to go to the edge for your marketing ideas. marketing/branding books to set you on the road to success.
Available from books stores.
These are both short books and quick to read.
So what is your Purple Cow?

The E- Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

This book has nothing to do with e-commerce and everything to do with all the issues and difficulties faced by small businesses from start-up, to growing, and the challenges business owners get trapped into and how to deal with them.

A must read for everyone who runs there own business.  If you only ever read one business book in your life - this must be it.
Recommended Reading